2003-07-23 - 2:03 p.m.

Europe can kiss my ass is all I'm sayin

Ferrente is alive and kickin, thank goodness.

Today started...well, today technically started at 12:01am right? So today started with me in the shower.

That's right, I was in the shower at midnight. This is my life, I have no time to shower.

So post shower I read a book for awhile, did I tell you all I got like 3 chapters into a book I just bought before I realized I already have/read this book? Uh-huh. Anywhoooo, I read for awhile because I had been working pretty much since I got home last night.

Chilled, read, let my hair dry and tried to coax the puppy to not be sick. He's fighting off something, no doubt.

I made the mistake of watching a particularly disturbing episode (like there's any other kind) of ...what the hell is it called...oh, Elimidate and then went to bed to watch Carson.

When, at 2:05 Carson finally said the words "You can go to sleep now" I fell over and went to sleep because I always do what Carson says.

I had some pretty odd dreams involving going to London in an egg shaped flying thing and telling Deirdre she couldn't bring luggage. I also dreamed that I was at P. Diddy's launch party with Carson and was being a real bitch to Pam Anderson...go figure.

I was obviously grinding my teeth in my sleep because when I woke up this morning at 8 my head was killing me with a sharp, multiple metal objects shoved through your eye socket and directly into your brain type pain.

Good times.

I hit the snooze button...tried to pretend that when the alarm went off again I would get up pain free. This did not work. I hit the snooze button one more time with the promise to myself that I would not fall back to sleep but use this time to wake up and when the music came back on I would hop out of bed. I fell back to sleep but did indeed drag my sorry ass out of bed when the music again began to play.

I took two sinutabs and crawled to the bathroom. It hurt to brush my teeth.

I drove to work feeling hung over but without the party the night before to warrent it (unless you count P. Diddy's- that Krystal can kill you baby)

Once at work I find that although I am ontime (well...you know, for me) BossBoy is not (giant surprize). I take the opportunity to find my desk, chat with Surf Boy and take two tylenol.

Surf Boy regales me with tales of how the ceiling is leaking and all the water is pouring onto/into the student computers.

Doesn't matter they all use his anyway.

When Boss Boy does show up he speaks to everyone but me for awhile, clearly feeling out whether I'm still ready to castrate him with rusty forceps or if he can expect to be treated as human.

I allow him into my domain and listen half heartedly as he tries to get me to focus on stuff that clearly holds no meaning for me.

My headache rages on.

Surf Boy finally pins Boss Boy down to working on the Annual Report for me, Surf Boy has obviously become completely responsible for my sanity.

We begin work on said report and Surf Boy turns on me and begins suggesting that I change EVERYTHING.

I kill and eat surf boy.

No, he says some stuff needs to be moved, and although I actually completely agree with him, I almost start to cry because I've worked my ass off on this thing, I'm still working my ass off on it and no one has even taken a second to go, WOW this was a ton of work, it looks really good...maybe we could just polish it a bit by....

Anyway, Surfer Boy intuits that I'm about to crack and backs off a little bit. I tell him I agree with what he's saying. He actually sits back and looks at everything put together and does say "OOMM (only he used my ACTUAL name) This is huge, this is a ton of stuff, I had no idea how big this is. I can't believe you got through all of this by yourself, this is excellent."

And I love him.

Boss Boy just keeps making noise about was and were and the meaning of is.

Eventually we get parts to where we are all happy and then boss boy says, "Are we going to do a section on meetings and presentations?"

I look at him like he's insane. "It's in section. blah blah blah."

No, it isn't.

Yes it is, I worked on it until midnight last night.

You guessed it kiddies. Gone. Gone from everywhere. The disc I had recorded it, and EVERYTHING else on says it's blank. My computer crashed. EVerything was gone.

I got everything back except the stuff I worked til midnight on.

The headache rages on.

He asks if he can help.


He leaves. Surf Boy demands I take a break.

I am in the office with the lights out, this is my break.

Oh, did I mention we're having a party here this afternoon?

The one no one told me about until last week. The one I'm going to hide in my office all the way through and be completely antisocial.

The one that, in the middle of all of this work THE EVIL DR JOE came into my office and put a CAKE in the MIDDLE of my DESK for.

Why isn't it thursday?

Why aren't I in Europe?

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