2003-06-06 - 1:07 p.m.

Yesterday we discussed why I like my job.

Today we will discuss the flip side of that.

I would not have come in today except that Mark said he would be here, and that he needed DESPERATELY a few things from me today.

So I pulled my crap together, rolled in a little before noon and got the stuff for him.

He just called to say he'll take care of that on monday. He's not coming in.

I freaked out that I could have stayed home.

He said, "So, go on home, take the rest of the day off."

Wait, wasn't this about why I don't like my job? Oh yeah, I mean, I did have to drive all the way here. But on the up side, I can now work on a few stories and screw around for a bit then go shopping without...the other people that come with the whole DAY OFF thing.

speaking of them, aunt's birthday party tonight.


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