2003-05-12 - 5:08 p.m.

So today we had our bbq at the Cove.

It was nice, small and contained until Scott decided to tell me that there was/is a dead goose out on the dam.

Most of you don't know. We have canadian geese here, everyone hates them but me. I love them. So this made me sad. I walked out to see the goose, I proded it slightly, got sad, thought it looked like it had a broken neck and then went on with the merriment of the day.

The Tara's, Katie and I were outside playing ball and stopped to sit on the rocks. While we were there a goose came flying in screetching the entire way. He landed in the water and walked up the stone embankment to the dead goose. He sat with her for along time, sometimes prodding her, sometimes just sitting with, sometimes walking around her squalking.

I cried for over an hour. I'm sick for this goose. They mate for life (what a concept) and he's lost without her. Doesn't understand why she won't come with him. Probably has goslings somewhere to explain this to.

I think maybe Katie understood the deeper sadness of this for me, maybe not. I think she thought I was crying for the people I've lost and for myself for being left behind. I was, to a degree, but to a much larger degree I was crying for the goose.

I like animals better than people. It's that simple. I feel for animals more deeply than I feel for people and I know alot of people think that's completely fucked up. Those are the people that make me like animals better.

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