2003-05-07 - 10:22 a.m.

Funny thing.

I'm driving to work this morning and after listening to Dark Lady and Take Me Home on my Cher cd about 15 hundred times I decide to listen to the radio.

I can't settle on a station because nothing is playing what I want to hear but I have no idea what I want to hear. I skip over to KISS to hear what Matt might be going on about today and find out he's doing some talent search thing at the Roxy today. Whatever.

Then he says he's really different from his fellow judge Jordan Knight because Jordan is really hard on people blah blah blah.

Now first of all let me say this, just hearing Jordan's name so out of the blue was like being hit in the chest with a baseball bat. Took the wind out of me. But then Matt would NOT stop saying his name. There are other celebrity judges who are bigger celebrities than J but Matt just kept on and on about Jordan Knight this and Jordan Knight that. Not just Jordan but the whole name. It's like Matt knew somehow I was listening and wanted to torture me.

Those of you who are asking why I didn't just change the station don't know me AT ALL.

So anyway then Matt says...

"I don't know what I'm gonna do there for 4 hours, I mean Jordan Knight and I can talk about how Joey Mac's gettin married, trashing Joe should kill off an hour but what then?"

So now I'm driving (past the mark wahlberg billboard, fyi) with my jaw in my lap.

I haven't talked about it here because it's not really my story and I dunno if this thing would come up if someone googled for him or whatever, but Joe and I have had a major falling out in the past two months because he just cannot seem to pull his head out of his ass for even a second. I had NO idea he was engaged (again) and I don't know who it could possibly be to.

I may be mad as hell at him but he's still my little Joey. I can't call him because I just fucking REFUSE to play that game with him right now. I'm not likely to call Jordan and ask him.

I have a list of people I COULD call to find out but they'd all get back to him that I was asking so now it's down to Don, Mark or Jon. I'll be calling all of you today so if you know, be expecting to hear from me.

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