2003-05-07 - 4:00 p.m.

Before I forget, the Bug is taking me to dinner tonight so I'm leaving at 5:25, in case any of you are looking for me.

Now then to the important things.

I always buy People's 50 Most Beautiful People. I rarely read People otherwise but I like the Most Beautiful and the HOttest boys ones and the like. This year's is out and all they've changed is the cover. Same damn faces again.

Okay, I'd have George Clooney in the number one spot every year (Go ahead Mark, show him this, like he doesn't know that already) but swear to GOD--Ben Affleck ??????? Again???? I mean, just...no.

Susan Sarandon is the homeliest woman I've ever seen. I have nightmares about this creepy woman. Most beautiful? Get real.

Okay, Catherine Zeta Jones, I don't personally enjoy listening to her vapid stories and the like but I'd do her, so okay, she can stay...

Hugh Jackman. This man's face crumbled 10 years ago. He's over. Next?

Salma Hayek...I can't look at her without thinking of Penelope Cruz so I just can't look at her.

Daniel Day Lewis looks like a serial killer.

Jennifer Aniston...okay, yes, she's beautiful and I always feel good when I see her because she reminds me so much of Michelle Ferrente so I'll let her stay.

LATIFAH---Yeah buddy. That's what I'm talking about!!!! They got that one right I tell you what.

Julieanne Moore--see Susan Sarrandon

Colin Farrell---sigh. Yum.

The OLSEN TWINS???? My eyes are burning!

Oh, this is it, I hadn't looked ahead, I planned on letting you in on my reaction as I pieced through it for the first time but it's becoming too painful to continue...this is the joke issue right? Right?

What next? Nick's naked Moose on the cover?

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