2003-04-22 - 4:57 p.m.

okay, so here's an interesting fact.

I haven't really lost it in awhile.

I mean, seriously lost it. I think the last time was the great "Jason" scare of the summer where I was the Mole.

Anyway, I'm flipping out, I can't see or think. Tara had to show me three times on my screen where Nick had lunch on the plane, not just a snack because I was flipping out about his not eating.

So here's the new fact part. Apparently the added bonus to flipping out now that I've been doing the medium thing more frequently is that "they" see this as a lapse in my mental control that they can all use to party down in my brain.

Messages ZINGING past my ability to catch them...I think that may explain the dizzy thing.

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