2005-01-05 - 11:00 a.m.

Good grief.

My legs have been bugging me a bit on and off for the past few months. Its mostly when I'm in bed and aches a little before I go to sleep. Sometimes it will stop me from going to sleep for awhile.

Last night I went to bed at 2AM,excited that I was turning in early because I wanted to get to work closer to on time today.

I think I may have drifted off a little but at 3AM I was wide awake. My legs were aching, my back was aching and my right arm was aching. Insane.

I tried ignoring it. I tried various sleep positions. I tried channeling Wendiloo out of her sleep to fix me mentally.

4:20 and the dog wants out. I let him out and then cover myself in BenGay. Smelling like an old broad I crawled back into bed and lay staring at a well placed photo of Brad Pitt trying to forget the pain.

The BenGay on my thigh burned. Not the normal ben gay burn, a searing huge, kill me now but first call in the hot firemen burn.

I got up and went to get water to take an ibuprofin. The dog is still in the living room and still awake. It's obvious that the impending storm is getting to both of us arthritis wise. I rub his hip for a minute and comiserate.

I take my ibuprofin and lie flat on my back.

5:30 AM I realize that it hurts more when I'm in bed so maybe I should try sitting up in a chair. I take my pillow and blanket to the living room and try to sleep sitting up on the sofa. The dog is watching me to see if I've found a solution.

I haven't.

Time to pull out the big guns.

6AM I am slathered head to toe in "Blue Stuff".

6:04AM I am asleep.

6:30 AM I am awake because the dog is barking.

I ignore it. I am then informed that the dog has the runs. Poor thing.

I fall back to sleep.

7:55AM I am awake again, dog has to go out again.

I get ready for work and am out of the house early.

I drive most of the way to work in the snow that isn't going to start until tonight.

I call work to see if it's snowing there (my commute, if you don't know, is 1 hour and 15 minutes long). Dobie says it just started there. He says he spoke to the KOI and the KOI doesn't expect me in.

I call the KOI in his office. The KOI and I have a meeting today to do all of the things that I've of course already started and don't really need his input on except that he's said that he'd help.

He says it's not worth coming in. He'll go to my office and call me at home and we can meet over the phone.


So I turn around and drive 45 minutes home in the snow. Should have called in from bed in the first place.

Now I already have tomorrow off for a doc appt. which was cancelled today by his nurse in anticipation of tomorrows larger snow storm.

Yay snow.

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