2004-12-09 - 6:54 a.m.

I've been home all week.

Last wed. morning my mom woke up with a sore foot. We both thought she slept wrong and got on with life. THursday, still sore, more sore in fact. Thursday night I inform her that she will have it looked at friday if Ihave to drag her.

Friday I take off from work and take her to the er after waiting for a callback from her primary for way too long.

ER intern genius says she has a skin infection, gives her a scrip for an antibiotic, a walker and sends us on our way.

I talk to her primary's nurse and she says that the doc should see mom on monday. Oh, and friday morning I wake up and we have no phone service, and so, no internet. I call on my cell and they say they'll come out monday between 8am and 7pm. Someone should be home.


We spend the weekend with mom in complete agony, unable to even set her foot down. Fortunately I have a wheelchair so she uses that but is unskilled at it and the arthritis in her hands make it difficult so I push her every where and wait on her hand and foot. No problem.

Monday I pick up my uncle to wait for phone guy while i take mom to doc. Phone guy actually comes when we're at doc so thank goodness I had a backup.

Doc says it's not a skin infection, it's gout. She wasn't even all the way in the door when she said it.

She puts mom on Colchecine and gives her a scrip for crutches because the walker isn't really working out.

It's snowing. We get the two scrips filled (in 2 different places of course) and I drive home. I twist my ankle in the driveway while everyone gets mom in the house.

Mom takes one Colchecine and it seems to help a little. I go online to search about gout and colchecine and it turns out colchecine isn't really safe for elderly patients. Excellent.

Mom ends up with the runs which is a "call doc immediately" warning so I do. It's 2:30 am and doc doens't really want to hear this. They say no more colchecine and call us in the morning so I spend the night alternately icing her foot and running the wheelchair to the can.

Tuesday the weather is lousy and the doc doesn't call us back until almost 5 pm to say that she's switching mom to prednisone.

Tuesday night is more agony for mom so we're up all night.

Wed. I get the prednisone and this seems to work well.

Now she's back to the walker, moving slow but moving. I may get a full night's sleep tonight.


So that's where I've been if anyone has wondered.

A return to the mayhem is scheduled for next week.

Oh, and my big news.

I have sneakers. I'm not longer in the sexy surgical shoe. I'm in sneakers that pinch my toes.

hmm. progress?

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