2004-02-02 - 3:52 p.m.

There should be a law against it being so bright out at nearly 4pm. It tricks me into believing that it's much earlier and I have all kinds of time left to do what I want to do.

Today has been odd in so many different directions. Dobie is riding my last nerve. He has nothing to do and still can't do the one or two things he's said he would.

I asked him to call someone to take care of something they needed. It was a modest request which would take maybe 3 minutes out of his day, he didn't do it.

He had promised to fix a program on my computer. I went off to do all sorts of work (ish) related errands today, he had 3 hours. He didn't make the call and he didn't fix the program on my computer. From what I can see he didn't work on the poster either, what he did do was get onto MY computer and cruise his surfing message board and the nfl.com website.

Thank Goodness he had time for that.

Also, he took one of the students off of the project I gave them and put another student on it. Grrrrrowl.

Anyway, my car didn't pass inspection, which is not really a surprise to anyone, but I was actually happy because it only failed due to a bad headlight. The guy couldn't replace it today, he's too busy but he said he'd do it tomorrow and I'd have my new sticker no problem. YAY!

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