2004-01-16 - 4:42 p.m.

For the record, because it's all about full disclosure here...

Splinky also got today off.

Because it's cold.

She's a teacher.

What the fuck is it with these lightweight "educators"?

It's like when I used to work retail and they'd cancel school because the roads were too icy to travel and all the idiot mothers would drag their brats to the mall for the day because ....I don't know, because they'd already seen that day's episode of Tinky Winky or whatever.

What kind of message is this?

It's too crappy out to educate you, but sure, we can go buy crap.

Does anybody see the value lesson in there?

I'll bet everyone had their little brats and their little teaching asses out running errands and the like all damn day.

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