2004-07-20 - 1:45 p.m.

Being ignored is such good fun.

It leads to assumptions. Now I know what you're all saying about assumptions but you know, sometimes there's just nothing else to go on.

I'm interested to see how this plays out. It could go pretty badly if what I think is true is. Not badly for me because as we've said time and time again I'm pretty good at ridding myself of the dead wood.

I can also be pretty petty and vindictive, but it takes alot to get me there.

It's possible that most of this is a misunderstanding and so there would be no petty vindictive behavior just yet.

However, some of this is NO misunderstanding.

Ever notice how someone is you friend and tells you how much they miss you and and love you and all that when someone they spend all of their time with isn't around but when this other person returns you become an after thought, if you're a thought at all?


Happens all the time.

It would probably hurt if I still had the capability to be hurt by people who have joined my life within the past 10 years but sorry kids, that's about the window.

I can be a little stung, but actually hurt? Nope, you had to get here sooner to make that happen.

I'll be less vague about this when I know where things end up, but I hate to tip my hand when I need it close to the vest.

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