2004-04-06 - 12:58 p.m.


really should say something, it's been awhile.


wim never showed up last week which turned out to be a relief more than anything else.

The Evil Dr. is screwing with my financial well being and may have to be exterminated.

Trevor drove here through dangerous floodwaters just to see my new car.

I spent days dealing with a floating basement.

Splink is fully justified if she wants to go on an "I hate OOMM" rampage, although I think she knows that if I was in control of things this weekend would have gone differently.

The KOI is up my butt today with more stupidity than you can shake a stick at (why you would shake a stick at it remains unclear).

I baked stuff I would never eat in a million years last night.

I"m having roast cow for lunch and when it's over I'm having indigestion (aka a conversation with Dobie) for dessert.

I have to make a work phone call today that I am loathe to make as it has to be played right down the center line of "hey, we're your buddies you can come see us" and "you suck ass and we want to kick you until you're dead". Of course I'm the one making the call because that sort of thing is my forte, but I'm just not up for it today.

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