2004-03-01 - 4:04 p.m.

Had my training appointment with Matt.

The thing about Matt is that he has these impossible eyes.

Kinda like this:

Only even lighter blue, and more reflective.

It's like looking at someone who has two little flashlight bulbs for eyes.

Attractive, but difficult. It's hard to focus on anything but his eyes.

I kept thinking about how much he looks like a vampire and how many great stories he could inspire.

That and the fact that since I last spent time at the gym there has been an addition to Matt's left hand in the form of a small gold band.


Anyway, he's still singing the same old song. You need core. Yeah. Tell me what I don't know.

He also said the same thing Wendiloo says, I have a high tolerence for pain and I have to tell him when he's hurting me.

Working out never makes me achy the next day, but he wants me to do alot of balance junk and core junk and to do alot of that I have to put my feet in positions they don't enjoy.

I shut up and did it. Every time though he'd catch me. He's fascinated at how my feet will and will not move.

I'm Matt's new toy. I'm his new challenge. He's obsessed with making me less weeble-like from a stability standpoint.

That's all well and good as long as you leave me on the gravitron all day.

He left my cardio alone, and took out my weight training almost entirely.


The best part was when he told me to take a deep breath.

It was nice to knock him off balance. Yeah, I know how to do diaphramatic breathing, and yeah, when I take a deep breath that's a pretty serious thing.

He told me he'd never met anyone who wasn't a professional singer or a martial arts master that had such strong diaphramatic breathing.

Special. Now you know why I float.


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