2005-01-21 - 1:10 p.m.

I’m obsessed with Necco Sweethearts. You know, those “Conversation Hearts”?
The TINY ones. Not the giant ones. The giant ones scare me.

I bought my first bag last week but they were clearly from last year. They had the old bag design and were hard when the bag was opened.

I don’t mind the hard, but any good Sweetheart connoisseur knows that when you first open a fresh bag they will be just a tiny bit soft, then, when the bag has been open for, oh, say 45 seconds, they will harden.

I don’t usually read them I just eat them.

Sometimes I’ll notice what’s written before I pop them in my mouth, and sometimes I don’t.

Usually if I’m feeding them to a friend (ahem) I will read them first to make sure I’m not feeding them something stupid like “fax me”.

There are people that I associate with who swear that the different colors are all the same flavor. These people are basically my mother. She is differently abled when it comes to candy.

My favorite flavor lives inside the white ones. They are scrummy, but I enjoy all colors of the Necco rainbow with the exception of the pink. The pinks are just yucky. I don’t eat pink things. Well, okay, not candy pink things. Except Starbursts, but we’re getting off track.

My point (oh Ellen, you’re in my head) and I do have one, is that this year there appears to be a new color. I guess they were jealous of the m&m’s and all their fancy new colors.

If I had to name this new color it would be “dirty laundry grey” I pulled one out to take a photo for you and…well, it’s the one on the left. I pulled out the one on the right so you’d have a comparison.

At first I thought that maybe they were going to do the licorice flavored ones like the black(ish) Necco wafers, but when I tasted it I was proven wrong.

Then I thought it might be one of the greens (they aren’t really green, but I don’t know what else you’d call them except maybe something really Queer Eye like “Minty Marine”) so I performed a taste test. The thing is the grey don’t actually taste like much, but if they taste like anything I’d say it is closest to the green.

Now you know what I do when the internet is down.

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