2004-04-14 - 11:18 a.m.

Where to go?

Shall I go with my thoughts or shall I go with the events that have plagued me the past few days?

Let's go with the events first, those fade but the thoughts are forever.

Last week some time I woke up because the large and drooling beast was in the kitchen barking.

Okay, he barked once. That's all it takes. He doesn't bark when people are sleeping. If he wants something he'll just sort of stare and breath at you until you wake up.

So I got up and I took him out and he just sort of wanted to stand out there so I got aggrivated because I had to be up in an hour and dragged him back inside.

I tried to make him get back into bed but he wanted to get into Nana's bed which woke Nana and she said she had JUST put him out.

So we worried that the drooling beast might be ill.

Still I bravely returned to bed.

Lying in bed (just like Brian Wilson did...more on me and song lyric addiction later today if there's time) I smelled something odd.

I lifted the covers to be certain Jordan hadn't snuck in in my absence (sorry J). Nope.

I sniffed a little more.


I tried to go to sleep.

Hmmm...best get up and have a pee.

Wow...bathroom smells even more...can't really put a name to it. Not like smoke, not like gas, I want to say carbon monoxide but that has no smell...

I go back to tell "Nana" to come smell the bathroom. She hates this game.

She smells nothing but feels compelled to check the basement. The basement doesn't smell (which is amazing considering) and so we go back upstairs at which point she CAN smell the thing I smelled but she, clever thing, has a name for it.


So we sit in the living room and stare at each other for awhile, watching my eyes water and my sinuses fill.

What does one do when the house smells like you're parked behind a semi?

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