2004-05-05 - 10:53 p.m.

Why OOMM, is that an evil glint in your eye?

Yes. Actually (actually) it is.


I entered a bit of a vortex last night. A time warp of a fashion that was surreal and so real all at the same time.

Two elements of my past collided into one amazing journey, a journey I neither could, or would share with you, here or otherwise.

I return, changed, only not. Charged, more than changed, REturned more than turned.

To be addicted to something, and then turn your back to its more overt pleasures, to seek it in mundane things and taste it in tiny nips, that has a danger, a danger of never fully walking away and never fully letting yourself recover from it. It has the danger of desensitizing you to something you know you should stay sharpley aware of.

After many years of these small indulgences, what an absolute firestorm to experience full throttle the rapture of the addiction, played out in the most pure and perfect form.

But for an addict, sometimes the pure stuff is the most deadly and experiencing the best leads to obsession with reliving that bliss.

So the challenge now is to have the experience and let that be enough.

We'll see how far we get with that.

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