2004-12-21 - 2:15 p.m.

My eyes seem to be getting worse but maybe it's just how tired I am.

I have dyslexia (I just spelled it isdexia) which doesn't really rear it's head very often anymore since I'm used to working around it, or with it, I guess, but today every number and letter seems to be floating in the wrong space.

I have no idea what's making me so tired today.

I have considerably less stress than I have had in the past few weeks, maybe that's what it is, the adrenaline has drained away and my body is trying to make up for lost time in the lazy parade.

I brought a frozen dinner for lunch today. It's one of those really unhealthy ones with the mashed potatoes and the fried chicken.

I had bought a bunch of healthier ones and this one. I saved this one for last because I was most excited about it.

I burned it.

That's right.

In the microwave

cooked the chicken until it was black.

I'm off my game today, no doubt about it.

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