2004-12-02 - 1:39 a.m.

I just came out of my office with my frozen dinner (less frozen because I let it sit in my office for hours before making it). I was looking down at it and noticing that the breading from the fish sticks was on top of the goo that will become my brownie (yes same dinner as monday, they were $1.00 and tasty, if small).

Dobie happened to be passing in the hall so I ranted to him about not wanting fish crumbs in my brownie. We walked together to the lobby where there was an IT guy working on Dobie's computer.

He says hello and sort of tries to hide a little so I won't be embarassed that he heard me ranting but he obviously doesn't know me because I accost him with my frozen dinner and force him to inspect the breading from the fish sticks embedding themselves in my prebrownie goo

Poor guy.

He's actually not at all like our usual IT dorks. He's got a voice like Barry White and is pretty sexy.

Now I'm a little scared of him, IT guys should be little skinny white guys with squeaky voices and pocket protectors not hot studs.

My pop tarts are useless against him.

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