2004-04-14 - 11:32 a.m.

Repair guy Norm shows up in good time.

He is older and familiar looking, but not too familiar.

Norm follows me downstairs and looks at the furnace.

He remarks at the age of the furnace (roughly 50, it, however, is without an AARP card) and it's crumbling base. He hmmmms at it, turns it on and off, messes with some fuses and decides that the "blower" (can't they just say fan?) has burnt out.

He also goes around with a CO meter that suggests we all should have died a week ago.

He writes up a repair slip for REPAIR GUY (I'm expecting blue tights with a lightening bolt on his chest) and then comes upstairs to chat in the kitchen.

He says that they should be able to get it working, it just needs a good cleaning and the fliberrtywhatsit needs to be looked at.

He pat's the drooling, 154 pound beast absently while giving us his name and number and saying that if we want to replace the old relic during the summer or something to give him a call and he'll take care of it. Also, if they give us an estimate to fix it that's insane, he'll come give it a shot.

Sidebar- the drooling beast, as you've witnessed either in person or elsewhere in this diary is a somewhat impressively sized rotweiller/lab combination. I would think that anyone who came into the house for the first time would be at least a little cautious with him.

No, Norm wanders over and starts scratching his ears like they're old friends.

Norm, it turns out is a friend of some friends and someone I've attended parties with. It would not surprise me at all to find that he knows at least one of you reading this diary (coughsplinkcough).

So we chat a bit with Norm and send him his merry way.

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