2004-04-16 - 5:45 p.m.

I accomplished so much today it's almost wrong.

The biggest accomplishment (argueably, but there is that one thing someone won't let me discuss here) was that I managed to get my new car washed, vaccummed and then I went and bought something I can store all of my cassettes in (they barely fit in the new storage bin but I can't go bigger) and bought a new cd case that holds 200 cds so I can stop having them all over the place. I'm missing a few Melissa Etheridge cd's, hell only know's where they are but I left room for them. Now in the new one I only have room for maybe 4 more cd's but the good thing about this one is that you can add pages.

Yay me!

I love the whole being organized thing.

I also got a bunch of running around for work done.

I also found out that the big fat raise I thought I was getting is less big and fat, but still a raise.

Oh, and to the one person who reads this who works the same place I do...please don't say anything to anyone about the raise situation, or the title change situation because it's apparently supposed to be hush hushish around here.

Also, to that same person. Thank you for being one of the bright lights in my day and ...

bah nah nah num...da da da da da dum.

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