2005-01-31 - 11:04 a.m.

You know how sometimes you get into this funk? None of your usual favorite shows are really delivering, none of your favorite friends are around, or they've got stuff going on that tones down the usual frivolity.

You know what I mean.

When you keep going to your cd collection but you don't know what you want and so you keep flipping and it's just not there, whatever "it" might be? So you maybe take yourself to the record store (or go to download stuff online) and just walk or click around staring and numb and leave with nothing?

That's been me for awhile.

Just meh.

I even considered doing not one but two separate things this weekend that would have been mistakes, but would have shaken stuff up anyway.

I didn't do either, though I have a little story to tell about one (kinda) in a later entry today.

I stayed up kinda late (not for me, but y'know) talking about Vegas and trying to get excited about going on vacation in 8 months or so (Vegas has been moved to Sept. by the way...save those pennies kids).

I woke up this morning to the sound of my dog FLIPPING OUT in the living room. Eh.

I went back to sleep and had a very bizarre dream that involved Paul, Michael and Ty from Extreme HOme that's better left unexplored, here at least.

I finally got up, got ready and started the drive to work.

Elizabeth (http://geeked-out.diaryland.com/
made me a bunch of mixed cd's because I made (and swear they'll be sent today or tomorrow) her some magnets. She didn't have to do it, and went way above and beyond because there are a ton of them.

I got them Saturday but didn't get a chance to listen.

Normally I don't listen to cd's on the way to work, particularly on monday, because I feel like I need to listen to what's going on in the world. Normally I'll go for entertainment type news first and then ease into talk radio to find out what has everyone fighting now.

I had read the song lists Elizabeth had sent with the cds. Some were familiar, some weren't. I was pretty excited about the stuff that was familiar, but it all sort of seemed like stuff I should remember but just didn't quite. Maybe I was distracted while I was reading them.

Anyway, I was a little excited to hear the cd's so I forewent the usual info glut and put in the first cd.

It starts with 3 songs from a band, local to her, fronted ( I assume) by a friend of hers from high school.

I nearly skipped these tracks without listening. Not because I didn't trust Elizabeth's taste but I have to say, in my time I've received an inordinate amount of tapes and cd's of "my friend's band" from people I knew and people I didn't. Usually because they thought I could help them. Back then I could have, too bad they all sucked.

Where was this band then?

I am SO FREAKIN HAPPY I didn't skip these songs. Rodney Parker and the 50 Peso Reward I love you. This is the kind of band that I fall in love with the lead singer the very first time I hear them. This is the kind of band that I would drag myself out to the local dive bar every single night of the week just to hear them sing the same 8 songs over and over again. I am IN LOVE do you hear me?

Elizabeth, if there are more morsels of theirs out there please share them!!!

This put me in exactly the right frame of mood for the two songs that came next. I had not heard the Caviar songs, though I would have sworn I had heard Goldmine. Good stuff though. Really good.

Then I nearly ran off the road. Okay, have you ever had a song that you completely loved, like this irrational joy overcame you every time you heard it, and then you forgot it existed entirely? And then you hear it, like a billion years later and suddenly you're 21 again and driving around in the middle of a summer night with all the windows down, smoking and drinking and your hair whipping in your face and NOTHING COULD EVER GO WRONG?

All I can say is Elizabeth? I Love You Period. (Just typing that gives me a thrill....THANK YOU!) I'm giddy just thinking about it! Weeeeee, please please exclamation point! Weeeeeee.

Deep breaths.

I really shouldn't go through every single song but let me talk about just a few more.

The song after I love you period is what Elizabeth (heretofore to be reffered to as the Goddess of the Mix-GOTM)calls "Highly addictive Europop dance music"

Everyone who knows me well just said some variation of "uh oh". I'm sure Nick just passed out. (my Nick, well, Barbie's Nick, formally known as my Nick, but not to be confused with Beth's Nick)

Everyone knows how I feel about dance music. (DEATH TO THE BOPPY PEOPLE) and Nick especially knows how I feel about Eurotrash, er Europop dance bullshit. It makes me homicidal.

I don't know if it's just because she slid it right in behind I love you period (how many times can I work that song into this entry?) but I am so loving this partiuclar piece of Europop! Heh, take that Nick, maybe it's just YOUR Europop crap I hate.

Tracks 8-10 then 13 and 14 are completely like being in college (the first time) again. Like lying around in a dark room drinking and smoking in the middle of the afternoon when you should be in class or some stupid thing. Unbelievable. Takes me back. Completely.

Tracks 15-18 are my misspent late 20's, running around from club to club every night with Matt being the bell of every gay ball.

I have a bunch more cd's she's made but I'm not sure I can ever listen to them, I'm too addicted to this one.

This completely changed my state of mind.

Now I've gotten mixed cd's from some really cool people. I've gotten stuff no one would ever think of doing. I mean, I have been blessed by the mixed cd gods no question at all, but this, this is the absolute best thing EVER.

Thank you GOTM, I bow to you.

Whatever you want, I'll put the real live Shatner on a magnet and stick him to your fridge if that's what you want.

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