2004-03-29 - 1:44 p.m.

I don't remember the next time I saw Wim. I know he started to work where my ex (ish) had just been fired from, and essentially was placed directly in my line of vision in a very litteral way.

I couldn't look up without seeing him, every day. He wandered over, he chatted, he was funny and passed the time.

There was always a flurry of girls around Wim. Young girls. Mall girls.

Remember, I had been dealing with duran and new kid boys. I was used to guys who had women falling at their feet. I knew how to deal with them.

Also remember that at this time I was in the very early stages of what was to become the infamous relationship with J.

(funny thing, J and Wim, so alike and so different. If J had Wim's people skills he'd be exactly what he wishes he was, and if Wim had J's drive he'd be exactly what HE wishes.)

So Wim would hang around and I'd treat him like the tag along kid brother. Too young, a minor annoyance, but you amuse me sometimes so sure, you can play with the big kids for awhile.

It's a good trick for anyone. No one is out of your league, just act like you're doing them a favor by tolerating their presence and they'll worship you.

Somewhere in all of that I developed a large(ish) size crush on Wim but he'd never have known it. In the begining he would date no one. If asked he'd say that he didn't want to be in a relationship.

He'd hang out with girls but the minute one of them so much as called him honey he was gone like vapor.

I called him whatever the hell I pleased. Mostly I called him Gerber Boy. It was the one convienent reason I had to say I wasn't attracted to him, he was too young. Nevermind that he was roughly the same age as Jordan and the exact same age as Matthew. He was babyfood an nothing more.

That was my story and I stuck to it.

I distinctly remember a simple story that summed up the situation.

At the end of the night at the mall he had closed his store and we were all hanging out behind the closed gate of another store. A group of little mall girls(varying in age and cuteness level, but some definately date-a-ble for our young hero) came to the gate. I was closest to the gate.

Mall Girl Posse: "Hey...Hey!"

Me: (annoyed- try to imagine): "What?"

MGP: "Is he in there?"

Me: (Knowing exactly who) "Who?"

MGP: "That hot guy."

Me: "What hot guy?"

MGP: "The one from the sunglass place."

Me: "There IS no hot guy at the sunglass place."

MGP: "No, he closed it, but we thought he went in there."

Me: "Who?"

MGP: "the guy who works at the sunglass place."

Me: "Gerber boy?"

MGP: "Who?"

Me: "The guy who worked at Sunglasses ETc. tonight?"

MGP: "Yeah, him. The hot guy. Is he in there?"

Me: (hysterical, trying to contain the laughter) "You think he's hot?"

MGP: various teengirl hotness remarks then "What's his name, you know him right?"

Me: "Wim? Is that who you mean? Yeah I know him."

MGP: "How can you not think he's hot? Is he in there?"

Me: "I dunno, he's like, what 10 years old? Yeah, he's here, hang on...HEY GERBER...YOU"RE FAN CLUB IS OUTSIDE."

Wim hears this entire exchange. I make sure of it. This is the process. Laughable that anyone should find him so attractive. Laughable.

I meanwhile have trouble sleeping at night thinking about him.

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