2004-12-13 - 4:41 a.m.

Grape Lucidity onChapter 7

He held her gaze and willed his heart to stop pounding.

She was aware, as the seconds ticked by, that she should feel exposed and perhaps even foolish, still standing, still challenging him, when he hadnít moved a single muscle. Somehow though, she didnít. Instead she felt a little frightened. She wasnít sure he had taken a breath since she stood. The tension in his body was palpable, like a spring in too tight of a coil, something quivering at rest and dangerous when unleashed.

The first movement, his hands clenched and released. His lips followed, pursing, remaining so for long moments, all the while his eyes never leaving hers.

He crossed to her in two long strides and she found herself stepping backward away from him, but too late. He swept her into his arms. The shock of it took longer to register on her face than it did in her mind. He had her, back against his left arm, knees draped over the right, her legs dangling, kicking slightly.

She tried to speak but all she managed was a small squeak.

When she found his eyes again there were clouds there. She could feel the panic in her own and tried to push it away. She hadnít wanted to goad him into something he didnít feel. Didnít mean to force him to make a move on her to prove his humanity.

She felt his breath escape his chest in a ragged way. Desperate to hear his voice, for him to say something that would let her know it was okay, she managed, ďGrissom?Ē

His face softened, he shook his head slightly and carried her across the suite. Leaning down he managed to pull down the bedspread while keeping her balanced against him. With impossible gentleness he settled her on the mattress.

He kissed her temple, a full lipped, soft and somewhat lingering kiss and then whispered in her ear, ďSleep sweet Sara.Ē

Before she could protest he went to the bathroom and rested his head against the cool tile. Eyes closed he could see her, couldnít stop imagining what he might have done with just a touch more scotch. He reached out and turned on the cold water of the shower.

(not the end, fear not)

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