2004-01-07 - 4:20 p.m.


I get so tired of being ranty about meetings with guys in here, but seriously.

Whoever said men are linear thinkers has never met the men I have meetings with.

It's all I can do to not tear all of my hair out.

Dobie kept me laughing though, even when he was derailing us.

The KOI was the worst of it though. We usually don't invite him to our meetings unless we have to. Usually any meetings he's involved in are his meetings and so we all just sort of genereally throw our pennies in his direction but let him have his way.

Today was a first. We had a meeting to write an abstract (It doesn't matter if you don't know what that is) so there we are, the Evil Dr., Dobie, The KOI and myself. There are TWO words in this thing that The Evil Dr. Dobie and I think are important and useful. The KOI thinks that they...well, lets just say he disagrees with us or I'll get into the whole circular thing that the boys do.

Now normally when the KOI get's all blustery and disagrees we will amend what we're saying to better suit what he wants it to say, or we'll give in entirely and eliminate it or we'll give him some time to come around to our side but say we'll change it if he still hates it in a week or whatever. We have never just said to him, well, the three of us think it stays, that's three to one, you're outvoted. Never.

I think until today he thought it not possible that we could do that because he sees himself as our Supreme Ruler: He Who Must Be Obeyed.

He got a dose of reality today. We didn't even say it out, we just all sort of went, uh, yeah, it's important, next sentence. We moved on without him.

Do you know what he did? He sat in silence for nearly an hour. Oh the Evil Dr. hesitated to move on because he didn't really catch on that the KOI was pouting like a three year old who'd had his hand slapped. He thought the KOI was still working on the sentence after having accepted our conclusion like an adult. When I pushed forward without the KOI the Evil one caught on and we all moved on, leaving the KOI sitting like a petulant child. (Petulant, by the way, a word I have had to define for the KOI every time I have used it in his presence...this man has a Ph.D for fuck's sake!)

When he realized that we were going to finish this damn thing whether he ever said another word or not he grudgingly began to comment again, but I think what he realized today in a very real way was what has made him so difficult to take for the past few months.

The power is shifting, and no one really cares about his blustering and lying much anymore.

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