2005-04-22 - 4:46 p.m.

Wow I ended up really distracted today

Okay Friday April 22 Third Entry

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That one was just cause.

This one will be a mishmash of stuff cause none of it is all that long.

First, for E-beth the show that has David Spade and Adam Arkin is 8 Simple Rules.

Next CSI last night but pretty good. I was surprised to find out that Brass really could carry an entire episode and I hope they pick this story line up again later. It would be interesting if they could tie his waste of a "daughter" to Lindsay somehow, though I don't advocate any more Catherine than is strictly necessary.

I'm super excited about next week because I love crazy hospital stuff and I bet Sara gets some pretty heavy scenes.

Next: The Seacrest thing is getting out of hand. I had a dream about him last night that we were just friends and we had a thing about this tv show that we both watched and talked about all the time. It kinda felt like we were teenagers like that geeky does he like me or are we just friends kinda thing.

Anyway, he came over my house and he had made me a tape of music that kinda had to do with this show we both watched. We listened to it together and the last song was like this life altering romantic thing and I looked at him with the sappy made for tv movie "you mean....you like ME?" kinda thing and we made out.

Only we both had those fake vampire teeth in so it was kinda drooly and we kept smashing each other with them. But it was super romantic.

I spent a small amount of time this morning analzying that and realize that I really like men with fangs.

Jordan has fangs,not so much since he kinda got them fixed but he used to have huge fangs. We used to call him "The Count".

And Nick had those fake ones that his ex had made for him that he'd wear to bed. Very sexy.

The fact that the ones Ryan and I had on were the cheap plasticy kind told me that Ryan is a passing fancy, the short term version of long term bliss.

Ooooh, I'm so deep today.

Also, is anyone else watching Eyes yet?
This show has the best lines in it.
I have a book I've talked about here before where I write down all my favorite quotes or funny things or whatever. I have a few from that show:

"If you think this is as mad as you're gonna get you might want to pace yourself."

"We have a wide and thorough collection of excellent enemies, do we really want one more?"

"In an alternate universe where I'm not an opportunistic, amoral, greedy bastard she's my girlfriend."

Give me your favorite quotes to add to my book.

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