2004-02-05 - 1:28 p.m.


That's today.

I've been running around trying to balance work and personal and iin the middle of it all I run into Alex and while I'm chatting with him Trevor calls.

Trev's working in Beverly right now (I didn't get a chance to ask where) and has an interview on the cape or something next week. He wants to borrow some ichthyology books which is cool. He's coming by later today.

I'm torn because he's working in Beverly which brings him closer but helping him means helping him work furhter...ah well, whatever happens will be for the best correct?

The more I try to give up control the more control gets thrust upon me.


I think I'm going to start saying that all the time. Who said that? Was it Adam West as Batman?


No that doesn't seem right.

I don't remember but I'm going to start saying it.

That and Drat.

Someone said that to me once and I nearly passed out. It's so charlie brown.

Anyway, do you know, I talked to Alex for awhile today and found myself flirting SO HARD.

I always felt this attraction and revulsion at the same time with Alex. He keeps me on my toes and manages to make me feel good at the same time.

He's working at a resteraunt in Beverly, I'll have to check it out soon.

Oh, and while we're doing basic stream of conscious junk...Diet Coke with Lime????

Bring It On!

I love this stuff. Better'n vanilla or lemon.

I love me some lime.

It's like a little margarita in my soda bottle (also been known to happen).

Got my car washed for the first time since October of 2002.

Did my laundry for the first time since October 2003.

February is the new October apparently.

How happy am I that Survivor is tonight...speaking of which, I have a rant to add here that I wrote yesterday when diaryland wouldn't let me in.

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