2004-02-04 - 1:37 p.m.

I've been real chatty today huh?

I've spent most of my "diary" time today reading other people's diaries. There is one girl who just amazed me. She's very centered for being a kid.

Anyway, most of todays stuff is non diary stuff.

I talked to...hmmmm....this person needs a code name, he doesn't even have a trading card yet...uh....

SO uncreative today....

BobVilla. Yeah, that's gonna be his code name. So I talked to BobVilla today, who if you DO have the home version is the brother of J. The brother who did that thing with his brother back when they were both new on the block...

So I talked to BobV today to see how he was feeling with J's latest stupid move. He doesn't hurt easy our BobbyV. He thinks I'm more insulted than he is.

I thought about this for awhile and decided I am insulted. (I just typed inslutted...that too)

J has refused to play a character on a show that he had already AGREED to play, but he...pulled out.... after finding out that the character was gay.

And the man will tell you right up in your face that he has no issue with gay folk.

No what? No one is going to think you're gay because you play someone gay as a gag in a sitcom, and if they do that's their damn problem.

He'd tell you in a heartbeat that he's much more open and tolerant about these things than members of his own family and much more tolerant than OTHER friends of ours say, someone I spent some time with recently.

I'll say this for The Younger W though, for awhile everyone in the free world thought he was gay, and every gay guy in the free world was getting happy to photoshoots of him with his schlong in his hand and he just f'ing went with it.

Know why?

Cause he knows who he is and doesn't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. And because he doesn't think the worst thing you could ever turn out to be is gay.

I think there's some stuff our little J needs to deal with, stuff we all pretty much thought he had a handle on.

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