2004-01-15 - 3:38 p.m.

Why you don't want a Ph.D part 2

After that bit of pleasantness yesterday I went on about my day.

We had a little get together yesterday at work. The purpose of this get together was to encourage bonding among the students and staff/faculty. This hasn't been a problem in the past but the new crew hasn't really gelled.

When the idea came about the KOI was in from the very inception. He was sitting with us as we worked out the details.

The details included us not wanting to do a big deal thing and deciding to just order a pizza that afternoon and maybe throw Nemo on the vcr. We'd all get together around 11:30 and eat.

The KOI does not eat pizza. The KOI, like his children, eats maybe, 4 foods in total. He's a fusspot.

The KOI also has a Ph.D. and has been informed about a million times of our exact plans.

We'll be meeting around 11:30 to eat, and we're going to order a pizza.

The KOI shows up at 11:45 and is annoyed, cranky and childish. I know why but do not say anything.

He says, "So when are we ordering food?" I say, "We ordered at 11:30, we were running late, we were going to order at 11:15 so we could be eating by 11:30."

He says..."What did you order"

I say "Pizza."

He huffs. He puffs. He grunts and looks around.

Has he brought a lunch?

He has not.

He assumes absolutely NO responsibility for feeding himself.

I'm not taking orders here big guy, I told you we were getting a pizza. You can't eat what the rest of us eat you take care of your own food needs.

He's stunned that we're not scrambling to find him food.

Eventually he huffs and puffs his way to a sub shop, but it's after making sure he's tried every trick in the book to make us sorry that we didn't anticipate he's feeding needs and run right out to obtain his specialfood.

Fuck you.

Having a Ph.D also makes you incapapble of caring for your own basic needs.

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