2004-12-15 - 12:36 a.m.

The google hits I'm getting are crazy.

Someone googled "Are the new kids getting back together" and got me because of the april fools day article I posted here last year.

No big deal except they then used that some link to keep coming back.

Starting to wish I'd been a little more careful about revealing some identities in here. I've been pretty candid about some D and J stuff and used their names. Oh crap, and Mark...oh well, it's done.

I get googled alot for "seducing the babysitter" which I find pretty funny.

I got googled a bunch in the past few days for "waking up with sore foot" so I'm now apparently THE place to learn about gout.

By the way, before I forget to say these things here:

Happy Birthday (a day late here but I did see her in person) to Boobs who I love!

Good luck tomorrow to Wendiloo who knows why. I'll try to call you tonight, and definately tomorrow.

uh, this isn't at all why I started this entry but as usual I forget what I wanted to say.

I should start rambling about really obscure stuff to see what google hits I get...oh wait, isn't that what I sort of do now? Well, maybe not so obscure but certainly random.

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