2005-01-18 - 5:41 p.m.

I'm experiencing the strangest thing.

There is a buzzing. A vibrating, buzzing.

It's on my hip. Well, no. It started on my right hip. Which is where I normally keep my cell phone so I began to think it was some sort of reaction to always having this electronic device strapped there.

Then it started happening on my right hip.

Until today it was always in bed at night. It would wake me up and if I could remember to keep my eyes closed it would be accompanied by these amazing electrical light bursts and swirls.

Now it's moved to my thigh and both hips at the same time and has been buzzing away on and off for the past few hours.

That, combined with the inability to sleep because of the painful legs, may actually be a cause for concern. What do you think?

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