2004-01-23 - 3:47 p.m.

Things that are getting me through today:

Dobie doing the thing that I most didn't want to do.

Most of the junk I ordered on Ebay showing up on my desk via the ArtistPreviouslyKnownAsEvilHoweverStillKnownAsDr.Joe.

The comfy chair and an Ellen show to watch during lunch.

Nice little email from Splink.

Lots of loving thank you's, get wells and hugs from the lovely ladies at the Ellen messageboard.

A phone conversation with a certain Boy Wonder (hmmmm, maybe that should be your new code name?) that steamed up my day in the most wonderful way.

As I side note, why is it I'm always the one to look at the color of other people's snot and never the one to show people my own?

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