2005-03-14 - 1:47 p.m.

n an effort to convince Crate-Nose Coffee-Obscure into having a cocktail party instead of a dinner party, I offer the following:

You could have shot glasses with the Jolly Roger on them!

There are any number of really cool cocktail hangers you could include I the frivolity:

There’s the black cat cocktail hanger

Or the cocktail demons

No party is complete with out the cocktail monkeys,

Personally I would be lost without my cocktail squid

All of these would help us define which concoction was our very own, mixed by you in your

And kept to fizzy perfection by the lovely monkey swizzle sticks that even wore their fez for the occasion:

Now we are not animals, so these Kung Fu Coasters
should come in handy.

But there are always the various napkins:

to help us keep things tidy.

In the end if we get a little sloppy you can always wipe things up and look smart at the same time using your Savy bachelor bar towel.

I think it would be a great party, and if not, I can lend you Vlad
to act as bouncer.

(Vlad is a creation of, and appears courtesy of Elizabeth )

If this doesn’t convince you to have a cocktail party then I’m suing for custody of Aster.

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