2004-03-24 - 5:20 p.m.

I wish I could show you...I can't.

Don does these drawings...he calls them comics but they're more than that, amazing. Anyway, he's done a few and sent them to me and it's shocking how much emotion...

Don's really good with words. He's great with an analogy and the like. He should have been a writer, maybe still will be, somewhere down the line, but when he draws...

There's this little camera in his head.

He did a drawing last night of something he remembered from 14 years ago, well, almost 14 years ago. It blew me away. The detail her remembered, the elegance of the strokes...

I've closed the door on possiblities, but he hasn't found his way to that yet. The thing is, he's looking for ways to open the door I've closed instead of trying to find the way to close it himself.

It only hurts me more to have him try, but it's not the worst kind of hurt. Closing the door was the worst kind of hurt. This is that sort of...eating something that tastes so good and you love it so much but then, the next day ending up at the hospital because the food made you sick kind of hurt.

I wish he'd let me share the drawings. He won't. I've told him I've shared one or two of his letters with one or two of you, and he reads the "other place" where I bring up some of his words, and he's okay so far with what I've shared, but he draws the line (really didn't mean to do this) at his drawings.

I can see why. They're the most intimate of his expressions.

Second most.

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