2005-02-15 - 11:34 a.m.

So that you don't all worry like I know you do (and love you for it), I'll drop this insanely boring entry for you.

OOMM is busy. OOMM has to work on a presentation that OOMM really had no intention of ever really giving but now sort of backed herself into a corner with.

OOMM is completely unprepared for the presentation.

OOMM has plenty of time to get prepared for the presentation but ONLY if she doesn't spend her day thinking of clever things to say to all of you (which is of course what she would rather be doing.)

OOMM also has to drive all over hell today, but thankfully it's almost 60 degrees outside and oomm has lovely mixed cd's from her friends that will make driving all over hell almost as good as sitting here and yapping with y'all all day.

OOMM likes saying y'all.

thats all, y'all.

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