2004-04-22 - 2:08 p.m.

Bad Words.

That was the name of the CSI I just watched.

I'll say this. It didn't suck.

It wasn't great. It wasn't season one or two worthy, but it wasn't a season four suckfest either. I'd put it around mid season three, when they were still giving a shot at shocking us with something other than Catherine's lineage.

Here are my notes to the powers that be at CSI:

Every single thing that happens in a house that's bad is not ALWAYS the kids' fault.

Sometimes, and only sometimes it's good to have the obvious thing be the thing that happened.

Vixen was a very good thing.

Nick does NOT have to flirt with every female you bring in for questioning and also, not every female Nick brings in for questioning has to be a hot blond.

The father/son thing gets WAY over the top. Subtle is not just a good name for Ellen's cat.

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