2007-05-14 - 1:25 p.m.

Okay, it would appear I'm back, and yes, I've locked this.

I noticed some weird spam in some back entries and stopped writing for awhile but now I miss rambling endlessly (well, unless you count my emails to Brock and phone calls to Wendi and one particularly satisfying instand message exchange with Charley but I digress). Uh, actually the digression is the point I think.

I miss digressing.

Most of my students are graduating, well, the good ones anyway and so the building, while it still has new studends in it, is pretty quiet. The old students would have the cd player/radio in the next room blaring something all the time. Depending on the student it would be good blaring or really annoying blaring but I managed to mostly block it out most of the time.

Or so I thought.

Today's the first day without all that and I ended up having to go out to my car and get my cd's. I can't take the quiet.

Because someone (hi!) send me a particularly cute pictures today which I sadly am not allowed to share here (it's not obscene, get your mind out of the gutter, it's just a personal photo of someome who's photos end up everywhere and they'd like to keep this one more personal) I was very much in the mood to listen to Duran, which y'know I dont' do very often because...well, if you don't know why I'm guessing you aren't really intersted in why so we'll move on.

Instead of throwing in one cd I'm working my way through the first singles box because I will never EVER get tired of hearing things like Come Up and See Me Make Me Smile, Khanada, Late Bar etc.

So I'm "working" (uh, okay, I'm reading my email but whatever) and The Reflex comes on. I block the song out entirely, as I've done so many times in the past but I also catch myself doing something I can't believe I still do.

No, I didn't do the "tanananana" (If you dont' get that don't worry, you aren't missing much). No. Instead after the line, "won't slow down the roundabout" I actually find myself removing my fingers from the keyboard and snapping them and saying outloud, well, under my breath anyway, "Click turn."

This isn't some holdover from touring. This is from watching the stupid Sing Blue Silver video roughly sixty billion times in my late teens. Way before I ever met the band, or thought I would.

I find it physically impossible even after all these years and all the times I've heard that song, seen it performed live, wanted to kill myself if I ever had to utter another "tananana" to not "Click Turn" after that line.

Being a Duranie is apparently an affliction you can never rid yourself of. Even when you understand the implications way up close.

I also still find the long version of Reflex on the extended cd makes me feel like I'm going to have seizures.

Enough about that.

I'd say that's also enough blah blah for my first time back in awhile.

oh, but a brief shout out to E-beth who sent me a book for my birthday that is motivating the hell out of me to do something really interesting.

And one more to Wendi who fell off a barstool and did herself a misery.

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