2004-05-06 - 1:27 a.m.

Yasmin asked me today if I ever find Charley's ego to be too much.

I don't.

It's his intellect that I find intimidating.

Anyone can know him for years and years, decades even and have no idea the massive quantities of data stored in his hard drive.

He can be vacuous, silly, down right blond if he feels like it, but if you spark him, if he deems you worthy...lookout.

The man can speak with the confidence of a Ph.D on topics including history, religion, politics, philosophy, nature, physics,psychology, literature...you name it.

I don't care how smart you think you are, he'll lose you only moments into the conversation.

Movies? Art? Music? (shudder) Television?

No, those are topics reserved for the conversations with the mildly retarded.

Those are the obvious, the every man accessibles.

The thing that I find unnerving is that he can keep it all under his (if you're going to get a head you better get a ) hat. He can smile to himself and have no compulsion to share the inner dialog that led to that smile.

Sharpen those knives, you'll never match his point.

Compared to that, his ego's a cakewalk (around chocolate covered chrerries, but a cakewalk).

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