2004-02-17 - 1:09 p.m.

Form stolen from random diary:

* spell your first name backwards: mmoo (heh...much more fun than my actual name)

* the story behind your user name: -- OOMM-Out of my mind. Duran song. story of my life.

* are you a gay?: -- what day is it?

* where do you live?: -- in a house

* describe yourself in four words: -- really really really annoying

Describe your...

* wallet: -- basic black, waterproof, fat with receipts but not cash

* hairbrush: -- uh, conair maybe, black and gray with the little soft pad and quill bristles with round bits on the end, it's supposed to smooth and straighten.

* jewelry worn daily: -- The watch is the only thing that never changes, it's a waterproof guess indiglo that my aunt bought me years ago. There's always rings but the rings always change.

* pillow cover: -- I should have erased this one. One is yellow, one is a white one that my dead aunt did embrodery on and the other is a New Kids On the Block pillowcase that I put on when Wendi slept in my bed and haven't bothered to take off yet.

* blanket: -- which one? I have the lovely blue soft one that Boobs gave me that has pengiuns on it, that goes everywhere in the house with me, I have the throw with Pooh on it that David gave me that lives at the foot of my bed, and then there's my bed spread which is blue and white anniversary ring quilt.

* coffee cup: -- says "I am the Queen" but contains no liquid at the moment. It generally carries hot chocolate infused with either peppermint schnapps or buttershots.

* sunglasses: -- Out in the car. Blue and purple designer prescription.

* underwear: -- yes.

* boots: -- sandals. Broken feet. No boots. No shoes. sandals.

* handbag: -- billions. just put a bunch in storage.

* favourite shirt: -- the oscar shirt is my current favorite.

* cologne/perfume: -- White...not diamonds...white something, not shoulders either.. what the hell is my perfume? I can see the box...White Linen. Mostly though I just use body creams from bath and body works, current favorite is still vanilla sugar noel.

* cd in stereo right now: --hmmmm. I don't know, I think the car cd is the new Melissa Etheridge: Lucky, which p.s. sucks. In the office, there's no cd in the player.

* tattoos: -- temporary

* piercings: -- twice in the ears

* what you are wearing now: -- ralph lauren jeans and an eeyore t-shirt.

* makeup: -- it's a rare thing anymore.

* in my mouth: -- mug rootbear and the taste for a bologna sandwich for lunch

* in my head: -- bologna lust mostly.

* wishing: -- that someone would bring me bologna

* after this: -- going to get bologna

* talking to: -- not a soul, turned off my IM, no one on phone and Dobie is off doing lord knows what

* eating: -- give me a minute and we might say bologna

* fetishes: -- I'll spare you.

* if you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?: -- Animal abusers. Obvious reason.

* what's next to you: -- my desk and all the crap that entails

* some of your favourite movies: -- Finding Nemo, Secretary, Monsters Inc., the Philadelphia Story, anything with Doris Day.

* something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month: -- I'm looking forward to not one damn thing this month.

* something that you are deathly afraid of: fucking spiders.

* do you like candles?: -- very much

* do you like hot wax?: -- nearly got thrown out of a wedding once because of hot wax....yeah.

* do you like incense?: -- not usually.

* do you like the taste of blood?: -- absolutely

* do you believe in love?: -- I love my dog, is that what you mean?

* do you believe in soul mates?: -- Yes. Many of them.

* do you believe in love at first sight?: -- Yes.

* who is your worst enemy?: -- the voice in my head.

* if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?: --toss up between and elephant and a giraffe, but I'd probably go with elephant.

* what are five cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? -- Nahant, Rockport, Marblehead, Manchester, Donnie's house.

* what are some of your favourite pig out foods?: -- they're all good, line em up.

* what's something you wish you could understand better?: -- why I can't shut up.

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