2006-10-18 - 1:39 p.m.

I'm ignoring miss RadioVixen and her kitty thundertaking.

Instead I proceed with the aforementioned kitty pics.

Ketos has a little blanket and pillow combination that travels from room to room with him now because he can't really get up onto the couch or bed too well anymore.

Melly decided that it looked like a good place to sleep and proceeded to dig her way under and then somehow wrap herself in HIS blankie.

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A close up may be necessary here
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But as much as Ketos is willing to share the bottom blanket and the pillow, and his bed and the sofa, my boy is serious when it comes to his purple blankie.

He got wind of her activities and got all:

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Oh No She DI'INT ghetto dawg on her azz.

Mel's a bright little thing and decided to skeedadle.

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while the skeedaddlin was good.

Now she spends her time hiding under the halloween dust ruffle on the couch waiting to attach whatever unknowing sole (yes, I spelled that correctly) might happen by.

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