2004-02-03 - 12:18 p.m.

Phones are the enemy.

Damn you Alexander Graham Bell.

Damn you.

My cell phone just rang while I was telling a perfectly wonderful story to one of my students...you know how my stories are, well you just can't stop to answer a phone in the middle of one of my stories...I'd become completely derailed and have to start all over again and likely end up taking a completely different side track which would circle around to a new side track and I'd have trouble remember...damn, I swear to you, the phone is ringing.

Okay, now where were we?

Oh, right, I'm not going to tangent because I actually have buckets of work to do, I'm going to head straight for the point.

The phone is evil because David * is haunting me on it...

* David= trading card # 43 Evil, annoying, whiny, clingy gay wannabe boyfriend in Florida.

Then when I avoid David because my cell phone loves me and tells me it's him, my office phone rings. I consider letting the voice mail pick it up because I figure it's David but then I give in and answer just in case it isn't.

It's Mr. Professionally Annoying Guy.

He has a trading card too, and previous mentions in the diary that I'm too busy to find and link for you. Anywhooo, Mr. Professionally Annoying Guy will be dropping by this afternoon to leave stuff with me.

More work.

Mr. P.A. NEVER shows up when he says he will.


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