2004-02-18 - 4:43 p.m.

I'll keep this to bite size chunks for now, not really getting into the ranting stuff because that takes too long.

I went to the gym today AND did laundry AND went to Rowley.

My feet are killing me but it's fine.

The grossest thing happened though. I have a bag of gym stuff, towels, washcloths, socks, undies, sweats...

I brought the bag today because I was certain it had all been washed in the last wash.

Now understand, I have a big freak out thing about the gym shower, it's hard for me to use it, but I'm working through it. I can't touch the walls, I can barely handle touching the edge of the curtain to shut it. If ANYTHING that's going to touch my body other than the bottom of my flip flops touches the floor it's got to be washed.

Also, I know there are folks out there that will use a washcloth in the shower more than once but I'm not one of them. This behavior skeeves me no end.

Okay, so (wow, so much for short entry) I go to the gym, I put on my new gym clothes (lovely). I go up, I sweat, I come down I grab a towel and wash cloth from my bag and head into the shower.

Fresh from the shower I reach into the bag for clean undies to put on (also always in the gym bag) and find...not clean undies but ....well, unclean undies.

So here it is, if the undies in the bag were unclean then EVERYTHING in the bag was unclean.

The towel I used seemed VERY clean which can only mean that I dropped it on the wet floor before getting a chance to use it last time, therefor all the gym floor yuckiness got rubbed all over my newly cleaned body.

I need to go autoclave myself.

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