2005-02-04 - 10:30 a.m.

This woman:

deserves an Emmy.

That, if you don't know (and if you don't you're SO reading the wrong diary) is Jorja Fox. Sara Sidle on CSI (the ONLY CSI).

She has portrayed this complex character in the most compelling way for 5 years now and I have never seen her miss a beat.

I'll leave some of the "why she has the hardest job in showbiz" stuff out for the moment because most of them have to do with her personal life and the fact that she has to pretend to be hot for a guy that can melt you when the camera is rolling but the minute you say cut...well, anyway, I'm leaving that part out.

What I will tell you is what makes me sick to my stomach.

Jorja is not going to get that Emmy.

Despite a performance last night that was flawless, a performance that required range and depth and all of those things that walking skeleton wrapped in whore's clothing doesn't have. (We're talking about Marg aka Catherine aka The one who has and will get the Emmy).

Why won't she get the Emmy?

Les and all the other complete tumorheads have decided there is only room for one diva at CSI and they stapled that particular tiara right into the bug eyed blond's head.

What is fitting is that not only has her character received a promotion and handled it with as little grace as humanly possible, the actress herself has received accolades lately (the kind we all know are paid for in one way or another by the show) and received them as though they were a long time coming.

For Jorja to be nominated for an Emmy the powers that be at CBS would have to do what they do for the show and Marg. They'd have to sell her to the nominating committee. That costs money. They're already spending that money on Marg and her boobs.

Then, if say, they did get her nominated and she (gasp) won the award the powers would have to acknowledge that she was a key player, a worthy member of the cast.

They might have to give her more money.
They might be forced to write for her with continuity (which as an actress she's done an amazing job of maintaining even where the writing failed her).

They might (though probably not) have to start treating the entire show as an ensemble. You know, the way they said it was in the begining.

They would certainly be forced to never pull a stunt like firing her because they couldn't find a car sporty enough to make people forget that you need a SEM to find their dicks or their talent. (Non-geek interpretation system: SEM=Scanning Electron Microscope).

So no. The beautiful and talented, intelligent and magnetic actress Jorja Fox will not likely receive her Emmy this year, or next.

Maybe she should have stuck with West Wing. They appear to pull for the entire cast to do well. I haven't seen a single tiara over there.

We love you Jorja. If we had the money we'd buy up a whole award show just for you.

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