2006-11-08 - 12:46 p.m.

You don't even know.

I hate my computer so big right now I could scream.

gtfhwzk tagged me with this:

with an ease that only the truly self-obsessed can approach

So the point of this game is you post a blog about ten weird habits/random facts about yourself, and then "tag" ten people who then have to post a blog about their ten weird habits/random facts. You have to tag them in your blog and then post a comment on their page saying that you tagged them. And no tag-backs.

I finished my answer over the past few hours because in a strange turn of events Im not very introspective today (wellif by not introspective I mean I looked in and saw nothing all that interesting to write about). It was like pulling teeth but I got ten things out that were fairly interesting I guess, interesting enough for a diary no one reads anymore.

Then I got to the tagging bit. As I was gathering links to tag people instead of just naming names like Id normally do, my computer did what it has been doing a lot of lately. I click the tab for the window I want to open on my browser and it closes it. Losing EVERYTHING.

Damn it.

So, Here we go again for the first time:

1. I cant hold a normal conversation anymore.

2. This is probably because Im a bad listener.

3. Which is most likely because I have a large cast of Walter Mitty type characters living in my head and acting out all sorts of scenes over and over.

4. When performing repetitive tasks I frequently assign random noises or pieces of music to each part of the task and repeat them over and over without being truly cognizant of the noises.

5. I believe that if I ignore things that scare me theyll go away, like the oddly shaped raised mole I have or the horrible smell/sound my car is currently making.

6. I believe that if OTHER people ignore things that scare them theyre morons for not dealing with what are clearly easily solvable issues.

7. I love being in charge and knowing whats best for everyone but HATE always having to make all of the decisions.

8. I always think Id be good at stuff on tv. I think Id be a good truck driver, a good CSI, a good doctor (as long as I didnt have to yknow, TALK or LISTEN to the patients), Id pick the right case on Deal or No Deal and know exactly when to DEAL, Id make the smarter moves and get along better with my partner on the Amazing Race, I could certainly model better than any of those Next Top girls

(aside: the other day I was telling myself how useless those girls were because they cant get their faces to hold that hint of a smile without all out smiling or getting the vacant dead eye. To convince myself of how easy this would be I pulled out the digital camera and took some shots of myself making all the right faces. I would share them with you here for the full humor effect but there are one or two people Id rather NOT see me looking quite that stunning so if you really want to see them email me and Ill send them along provided you arent on the NO SEE list. Suffice it to say my face looked likenot a model. In each shot where I was trying to look warm and happy I looked ready to commit suicide and in the over the top happy shots I looked homicidal. Okay, so maybe I wouldnt be a better top modelbut I could certainly do the judges jobs, or Jays jobyou get the idea)

9. Im stealing one of gtfhwzks here because its totally true, I can go back and read my own diary for hours on end. I fascinate myself. I most of the time have no idea what I was talking about though so its usually pretty frustrating when Im being vague.

10. Ive started to snort when I laugh. Not pretty. Not sophisticated.

So now the taggingI dont have many readers anymore. Id be convinced there was only one or two if my stats didnt tell me otherwise. Ill be informing everyone of their tag in their own diaries or in emails because the odds are theyll never see this.

Tag: Wendiloo,Mez Lilo and Karyn.

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