2004-03-29 - 11:36 a.m.

So back to the aforementioned vapidity.

I did the wallow thing, I did the nearly being pulled back thing, and now I'm ready for the drooling over pretend people phase of recovery.

Remember after Nick it was the, all Grissom all the time lustfest?

I went out and bought myself a few magazines and set off to find a new lust to help me forget the pain in the ass (and points north) of real relationships.

I decided to finally give in to the one glossy boy that I always new I would get around to salivating for but just never made the time.

Colin Farrell.

I was prepared. I have bought Colin Farrell movies (I've never seen one of them, not one C.F. movie) and put them away for the day when I decided to become obsessed with him.

It's good to lay in supplies for a day when you might need a good obsession to lose yourself in.

Colin fit the bill rather nicely, looking and acting nothing like the man I'm trying to forget. I put The Recruit into the vcr (yeah, I bought the video...it was on sale, give me a break) and began to feel better.

What I saw of the movie was much better than I expected. The problem was that Colin reminds me of someone.

I can let that go right? I can watch Colin and not make the obvious Wim connection in my head. Why not.

So I watch, and I watch, and I start to think that maybe I should head to the laptop and print out a few Colin pics to use as bookmarks and dashboard art. (The dashboard thing is SO much more complicated in Talia but I'll figure it out).

I flip on the laptop and as usual when I sign on, the first thing I see is my buddy list for AOL.

Now the laptop has a different screenname. One I have never used, but took because I couldn't remember any of the passwords for my 8 other screen names.

You know, I'm going to continue this on the next page... diaryland has been eating my entries before I can post them lately so I'm paranoid to let anything go too long without posting.

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