2006-11-24 - 3:18 p.m.

Go back one entry. You missed that one.
No, seriously, you did.

It had lots of pretty pictures.

Go look. I'll wait.

NO, don't wait until after you've read this one, you'll forget.

Did you go look?

Okay then, let's talk about CSI:Thanksgiving.

The very first shot of Grissom is a hot one. Maybe because it doesn't really show his chin. (See, if you went back and read the last page like you were told you know what I mean).

I made a note of the hotness as I watched because I'm exactly the kind of dork who watches tv shows with a pad and pen next to her.

The thing about Grissom looking hot, and it continued throughout the episode, is this. It's excellent for those of us who think Grissom is sexy as hell and want to maul him slowly and thouroughly on his desk in his dark and secret filled office.

It is not so good for those of us who enjoy a story arc with some sense of continuity.

Sadly I fall into both groups and we can't have it both ways.

The best thing about this season for me has been that for the first time there is an actual story arc that appears to be followed pretty well. It doesn't feel like the schitzophrenia of past seasons with different directors each with their own vision and version of the characters and how they interact.

I could not be more over the top in love with the way that they've handled the Grissom/Sara thing, as I've said before.

I love that Catherine has not been shoved down our throats so much. In fact if I ignore the overplayed misstep of Greg including Sam in a list of mob bosses this week I can say for the first time ever that I ENJOYED Catherine in this episode.

Okay, so we got to see that she was a cheap whore even when she was 16, but I think we knew that. Normally, in any other season I would have been vomiting blood at the final scene with Cat and I've already forgot the character's name "Johnny Badseed". Her smarmy getting over on him, her wink?

But because I haven't had the Poor Catherinen and her fantastic titties of doom storylines this season I actually got a kick out of that last scene. I kinda cheered for her when she pulled that bullet out and set it on the nightstand. Rock on!

Still, as I watched I made more notes.

Most of them look like this:

There's a guy singing karoke with really bad plastic face molds.

How is no one noticing the guy with the plastic face?

Wow, anvil much? Plastic face guy and I'm guessing soon to be dead wheelchair guy getting their pictures snap as they joyfully spend time in each other's company.

Why would you leave with a guy with a plastic face?

HONESTLY ARCHIE, you're hot and all by how can you NOT notice the guy on the screen has a face made out of plastic?

Oh Sara. It's a fake name. It's from Halloween. Oh Sara, go to a movie.

Don't go in there! Can't you see that's fake black face? That's a ton of black rubber getting ready to...oh, never mind.

Gee, wonder why none of these people have addresses? Maybe cause they're all the same guy with plastic faces and horror movie names?

See, I get that CSI wants us to feel smart, but don't do it by making us feel like you're stupid.

Oh, hmmm. I just shot this gun. Think I'll stick it down my pants. Because guns don't get hot from the explosion of a bullet flying out.

OH GRISSOM!! We were meant to be. We have the exact same eyeball in our desk. (To be fair I also have an eyeball pen in my desk whereas Grissom's desk also contains his mother's rosary beads. I'd love to have 10 minutes to rummage through the rest of that desk.

That would be a great CSI companion book, Grissom's Desk. )

Mickey (oh, look I wrote his name down) knew way back when she was 16 that Cat was Sam's daughter but Cat didn't find out until a few years ago? Did a memo go around Vegas?

Psst:Sam's that little hussy's father, pass it on, but don't tell her.

Also. Oh Roger. The accent. I mean, accents. It was okay for a awhile but the slipping into the brit at the end was just plain lazy. Perhaps you were mesmerized by the titties of doom.

So there you have it. The OOMM version of a CSI recap.

Stay tuned for a special black friday post.

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