2008-08-29 - 8:20 a.m.

Howdy all.

Sorry for the dismal state of things in here but I haven't written for so long I didn't see the point in keeping up the payments. I let the place get a little run down but then, I'm a little run down too so it should feel like home.

I do plan on looking around for somewhere new to blog but for now since E-beth and a few others (Hi Brock) have been dropping hints here and there about my getting back here I figured we'd do this and see how it goes.

I haven't done this in a long time so be gentle with me. Your expectations should be fairly low is what Im trying to say.

I stopped working last October and while that left me with a lot of extra time it also left me with a crap net connection and very little to say.

I've been reading like a demon and of course watching copious amounts of television. Other than that...nothing. I got to the point where the only conversations I could hold were about t.v. shows and my crazy aunt & the myriad plans I had constructed to have her committed.

There was a short time when I also wanted to talk about health and dieting because I was hitting the docs office roughly once a week after not having had a primary care doc since my pediatrician. Also because I started watching the Biggest LOser and became obsessed with Jillian Michaels. I'm sure if I"m still blogging when BL starts back up again there will be many posts about how she's a kick ass wet dream.

Finally though I am once again employed. It's been 2 weeks and so far the ratio of people I like to people I want to back over with a tractor triler is quite favorable. The 'company culture' includes having dogs at our sites. Part of my job is reading Vogue, watching tmz and checking out perezhilton. No. I'm serious.

You so wish you worked here. You do. Don't fight it, it's natural.

One of the most fun parts so far is the TLC. Oh,no, we aren't "that" kind of place, I'm not talking tender loving care here. We're more of a sarcasm and friendly bloodletting covering the walls sort of establishment.

NO I mean our transitional learning coach who brings us from training to actually doing our jobs. There are a number of them but the class next door (Officially known as the most boring class in the world- even their door has "OAR" on it, as close to bore and snore as they could get, while out door says "RockStar") has the bet TLC. He's my new (only slightly less appropriate than I originally thought) work crush. You can stalk him yourself at his myspace. I do't want him to find this blog when he does a little self googling so we're going to code this out JignoreCignoreFingnoreRignoreEignoreNignoreZignoreYingore

Originally I put him @ roughtly 22 but it turns out he's nearly 30 and still shopping at Hot Topic and wearing eyeliner to work. Definately my kind of guy. The age thing makes me fell a little better about wanting to tak him into the janitors closet and make his lip ring quiver.

Additionally my actual trainer looks sufficiently like NCIS's McGee to keep me amused. He has that same overall Winnie The Pooh vibe. We've been trying unsuccessfuly to get him to say "Oh Bother" for some time now.

Every day holds the promise of new hilarity so hopefully the blogging will resume on a semi regular basis.

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