2007-09-27 - 2:42 p.m.

Wow, itís been a minute huh? So much as changed since the last time I wrote anything in here I almost donít recognize my life. Geez, I just went and checked and it was freakin May the last time. Wish I could say I missed it but I didnít. Like at all. I do miss all my díland friends but Iíve tried to keep as in touch with yíall as much as possible since not being at díland much.

Thing is life just got nuts and it wasnít anything I particularly wanted to write about. Plus? The writing thing? Itís sort of dried up. Iím writing now to see if I can get it back. Also because so many new things are going on and I really enjoy being able to go back and see what I had to say about junk that happened before, I figure at some point Iíll be interested in knowing what I was thinking as all these changes are going on.

Uh, that was a really muddy thought huh? See? What I said about the writing not exactly flowing these days? Itís because Iíve been exactly a ZERO on the creativity scale for months.

So updates:

The lab lost itís funding so I lost my job. In the very beginning when I found out I was a little freaked out. Then I started to feel really betrayed. Then I was happy to be getting out of there. Then I was numb. Then I started to think it wasnít going to happen, then I was told it was a done deal and all I felt was relief. That placeÖit was a lot of things in my life some great, some horrible, but the time was right to say goodbye. My only regret is something Iíll talk about later. (Donít get excited Ė itís a typical OOMM regret Ė silly)

My last few weeks were spent looking for a new job. Actually in truth my last few months were spent looking for a new job, but not really looking. The last few weeks were spent REALLY looking.

In mid June I had to put Ketos down. If youíve read this diary at all you know that he was the love of my life. I wonít say any more than that now. Itís a long sad story, it was the best thing for the boy and the hardest thing for me and when I stop crying and wanting him to come home Iíll let you know, but I wouldnít hold my breath if I were you (unless you happen to look spectacular in blue).

I started interviewing the following week for new jobs which was about the last thing I wanted to do. It just felt like everything in my life was being pulled away from me. What an incredible cycle of loss.

Mostly I interviewed for jobs that I figured I could do and make decent money, nothing that Iíd actually WANT to do, save one, but I didnít get that one because they decided to hire someone who was actually qualified. Bastards.

One job I interviewed for I knew I didnít want before I even sent the application. Then I got an interview and thought about blowing it off but as time was growing close to an end at my last job so I went. As I stood in the lobby in my beautiful new pin stripe suit, carrying my gorgeous new briefcase I thought, I hate this place. I donít want this job, I should just leave.

I stayed. Bet you already know what happened.

Iíll tell you anyway.

During the interview they explained that the problem at this particular company is that stuff doesnít really get done on time, and because they have a bunch of new policies that are determined by law lots of people forget to adhere to them because they are stupid and redundant. So what they needed was someone super organized who was a good writer to come in and essentially crack the whip on everyone including their bosses to do what theyíre supposed to do.

Huh. Yeah, It did kinda sound like it was tailor made for me, but still, bleh.

Then I met one of the people who would be one of the three people I would work under. And she hadnít seen my resume yet. Even though the interview had been set up more than a week before. At that point I looked her blank in the face and said, ďI already know you need me more than I need you, so why donít we spend our time together with you telling me why I should take this job.Ē

Sheís one of those mousy types so she freaked out a little and stayed very nervous for the remainder of our interview. That pretty much sealed it. There was no way I could work for this person.

I still had to meet one more person, he was fine but talking to him was slightly awkward, there was none of that ďGee we hit it right off this must be the job for meĒ vibe.

I left knowing Iíd never be back.

I told everyone at my old job about it, they said it sounded like the perfect job for me. Itís right down the road from the KOIís house so he was laughing his head off that I was going to end up at this job.

While we were laughing about it they called to set up an interview with me and the Big Kahuna boss. I said okay because still, I needed a job and didnít feel like I could turn anyone down at least for an interview.

So I came and I met the Big Kahuna and then I thought, gee, maybe I could work here. Because Kahuna? Is like a giagantic grampy. Heís so cute and you just want to help him all the time .And Bonus? He actually knows whatís going on, unlike certain previous bosses coughKOIcough.

But still that day I told them that the amount of money we had originally agreed on wouldnít be enough and they said donít worry about it.

Then work ended. My first day off work they called to offer me a job. I was still holding out hope for the job that ended up hiring someone who knew something about it (it was a neurology research assistant, really a job tailored for a med student but I took a shot) so I asked them for a little more time to make my decision. They gave me a week and offered more money.

I ended up taking 3 weeks off and yes, working here, at the place I didnít really want to work.

I wonít tell you what kind of company it is because God forbid anyone from here (other than Squirrelmama- Hi Squirrelmama!) find this. I will tell you that Iím an admin assistant to One Gigantic and Two Big Cheeses of an IT department. So I still spend my day surrounded by geeks, theyíre just the kinds of geeks I used to tease with Pop Tarts as opposed to the kind of geek I am. They speak a language I donít understand. Itís fine.

More later on how things are different in my new place and saying goodbye to my old place but this was getting super long and would never have been posted so...here it is.

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