2007-03-14 - 12:22 p.m.

All hail the high heel!

I bought myself some four inch heels yesterday. It's a bit of a cheat because they're wedges and a bit of a platform in the front but still, after so many years of being heel-less and pretending that my cute new one inch platforms were heels, this is terribly exciting.

Of course I can only wear them to work where I mostly sit down but I don't care.

In other fun news, which some of you already know, awhile back I joined a writers group started by the authors of a couple of my favorite books. They decided to have an online writers workshop and called for people to send in chapters of memoirs that they've written or are in the process of writing so I sent in a piece I've been working on for awhile.

I didn't really expect it to get chosen because I've read some of the other people in the group's stuff and it's kinda brilliant.

I did get chosen though, this week, and the response was far better than I would have ever expected. People really enjoyed what I wrote and had some very helpful constructive critisism. I'm kinda thouroughly elated by the entire thing.

In reading news I got this book at the library yesterday:

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I never really thought about it, and I haven't started reading it yet, but watching the Simpson's last night I could completely see where this book was going to go. Pretty interesting stuff. I remember reading the Tao of Pooh something like 15 years ago and it was a great way to explain Taoism to the uninitiated.

Yesterday was like junkfood day at the library for me. I got the most recent offering from Gloria Vanderbilt detailing all of her romantic exploits. Poor, poor Anderson. Come, rest your head on my chest.

Uh, lessee...oh I got some memoir essay thing called "Loser Goes First" that I have no idea about but might be good, and I got Never Mind the Pollacks because I enjoy the author's blog.

I also got a total junk food but pretty well reviewed book by a britchicklit author called "The Little Lady Agency" and then I got one book so embarassing I'm not even going to tell you the title.

It's of the "Devil Wears Prada" meets Sex in the City variety. I read most of it in about 40 minutes, it isn't very good but it's a good "take your mind somewhere completely different" read.

Plus I'm in a fashionista sort of mood what with the new shoes and the new season of America's Next Top Model.

Speaking of THAT, it's available on itunes now so I bought the season pass. At the same time I finally figured out how to do screen caps by myself so I can stop begging people at various message boards to do it for me which means all of you have much more of this:

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particular brand of Tomfoolery to look forward to.

Also Boobs 2 has informed me that her evil overlord (aka: husband) has removed the televisions from her life/home because he says it was melting her brain. (Whatever, what's she need with a brain? She's purty)

Because of that she's missing ANTM and has asked me to recap each episode for her which I may end up doing here because it'll most likely be easier than attaching a bunch of photos to email.

I finished another little baby blanket with hood thing, this one is pink and white. One of my students thinks that the little shop she works at on the weekends will want to sell them so keep your fingers crossed that I'll have another minisource of income soon.

I've been dragging my feet on making an afghan for the lovely and talented E-beth because she wants it to be orange, at least in part, and I'm allergic to orange. Yesterday however I found a beautiful pattern into which I believe I can make orange work nicely so when I get some extra cash I'll buy up a bunch of yarn and by the time it gets cold again in Texas E-beth should have herself a snuggly home made afghan to keep her warm.

And finally...have you ever wanted to punch someone you love in the skull because they're acting like a child over something inconsequential?

I have.

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