2007-02-02 - 12:36 p.m.


I told you Grissom was the man.

Okay so he's not so good with the goodbye scene, that was more Sara's fault than his.

I know one thing. Any guy who sends you Shakespeare's 47th Sonnet is a guy you want to keep around.

Yay return of bearded (and way curly in need of a haircut) Grissom, double Yay the impending lack of Kepplerness. I'm certain in the end all of the 'ooooh is Keppler a bad guy?' will turn out to be a weak attempt of the ptb to yank our collective chains but I don't think any of us bit.

We didn't care. We just want Grissom to come home so Nick can stop crying.

Seriously Nick, don't you remember oh so long ago what your hero told you?

"You're a grown man Nick, quit whining."

Anyway, I'll be happy to see everything get back to normal though I am loving the extra screen time Warrick's been getting this season (and by extra of course I mean that he's actually been on the show).

Also, am I the only one who pays just a little bit more attention when Jorja Fox is on the screen? It's not a lust thing I swear, I just think she's infinately more interesting than the rest of them.

And yeah, I know, I haven't been updating and when I do it's all CSI junk. I even had stuff to talk about the other day, kind of heavy stuff about dead husbands and the like but I'm just not up to it now.

I have a stack of books to read, a scrapbook to work on, a story to write (though now with my head all in Grissomland it's tough to write a Mcgee story) and crocheting to finish.

I did take pictures of that new baby bonnet I finished but I've decided to wait to share them with you because the little sweater matches so when I finish that (WHENEVER that might be) I'll post the pictures together.

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