2007-01-22 - 11:38 a.m.

Hey all.

I know I haven't been writing here much lately but I think that's the way I always get when I'm working on a fanfic. This one especially since I'm doing it in blog form so it dampens the need to blog, plus you want to save all your creativity for the fic and not spread yourself too thin.

Not that I'm especially creative here most days.

Anyrate I figured a little update was in order so let's see what we've got going on.

The Evil Dr. Joe left this morning at 6AM for 5 months in Honolulu Hawaii. I'm so jealous I could scream but at the same time he left with some of his personal life in a rather unpleasant upheaval so I guess you can't have everything.

Dobie and I just spent the last half hour looking at the map of the world I keep behind my door (I'm miserable with geography but making attempts to improve) and discussing where we would and would not want to vacation and why.

He suggested I stay away from Libya and the Sudan. What would I do without him?

So the evil doc is gone and in another week or so Dobie will be leaving for Cali for a week and a half. I'm planning numerous parties. Actually in truth I do a lot more work when everyone else is away.

I finished my first ever baby bonnet and I'm really happy with how it turned out. My friend Cheryl made the same one (she's been crocheting for 10 years) and it turned out big enough to fit my uncle, but I used the right yarn and it came out great. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a few pictures of it to share.

Remember how L'*real and I weren't bff anymore because their new shampoo and conditioner left my hair in a nest? Well we're reconciling because they sent me a $10.00 gift certificate in the mail (about 3 times what I paid for the shampoo and conditioner together). Today I went to the store and they had a sale on the L'*real hair color I use which is normally in the $21-25 range. They had it for $14.99 so with my gift certificate I paid $4.99 so YAY that.

Also y'know those Garnier Fructis commercials with the girl with the long blonde hair that they're always tying in knots to show how strong it is? I bought the Long and STrong leave in conditioner that's supposed to restore split ends and all that junk. I've only used it once and I see a difference already. I LOVE this stuff and now I'm thinking of switching to their whole line.

The only other news I have is that I think I'm getting sick. My throad has hurt for 2 days, before that my sinuses where making me crazy and I'm developing an ear ache. I tried airborne but it hasn't helped. Of course it was Airborne that had expired so maybe that's why.

Oh, no I forgot one more thing, I'm like a commercial today but I figure why not share right? Oh, actually two more things now that I think about it.

First thing, I tried the Sobe Life Water for the first time last night and I'm in love. I started with the Orange Tangerine and it had the best flavor maybe of all time. Today I had the Blackberry Grape and it was nice too, light, not like grape Kool Ade which a lot of waters end up tasting like. This afternoon I have a kiwi-strawberry all lined up for taste testing.

And the other thing is that I'm reading this book called I am not myself these days and I love it. I think maybe E-beth would love it as much as I do. It's about this drag queen and her S&M escort boyfriend in New York City but it's really a story about love and drugs and clubbing. It's in the fiction section though it's clearly autobiographical.

I love how Josh Kilmer-Purcel writes, there are none of the pretenses of the people who's writing grinds me the wrong way (I'm looking at you Sedaris and you too Burroughs) because they fancy themselves AUTHORS and HUMOUROUS, Josh just tells a great story in a way that makes you wish he was your best friend.

Plus he's a drag queen with two fishbowls with live fish in them for tits. I mean for serious, what's Notaro done to compare with that? Got married fat? Please honey, we've all been there.

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